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  • The Elements: Red Wines

                This summer, crystal glassware producer Lucaris and I released the Elements, a collection of handblown glasses based on a novel and admittedly somewhat controversial premise.  We proposed that a wineglass’ most important job is to give you – the drinker – the perfect experience of the wine for you.  I add the words “for you” because most of […]

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  • Shopping for Wine Online in Asia

    Though the pandemic drove fear into the hearts of wine producers by triggering dramatic slowdowns in the hospitality and tourism industries, one speck of hope has remained the rise of wine e-commerce.  In fact, because it can help consumers who are interested in wine but live far from any brick and mortar wine retailers gain quick […]

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  • How to Think About Investing in Wine

    Interest in wine investment has grown markedly over the past decade.  The apparent advantages are many: wine’s low correlation with traditional financial markets, comparatively low volatility and a history of delivering reliable returns.  However, as somebody who is at core a wine lover, the idea of purchasing wine purely for financial return makes me a little sad.  My […]

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