Wines from March and April that stick in my head

Though I was feeling mildly guilty for skipping March, thanks to the absolute chaos that was April I’m beginning to feel a bit like March just missed me. Since our return from the snowier climes of WA State, we’ve moved house, I’ve dashed off to Thailand to visit my good friends at Lucaris and keep working on our new collection, puttered off to Austria to get cracking on picking wines for the Almásy Selection, judged around 250 Italian wines for 5StarWines (many concocted from such grapes as, among others, Cagnulari, Ribona and Foglia Tonda) then sidled down to the Amalfi Coast to do a little filming for Wine Masters, Season 1 of which is due on iTunes, Amazon and more any minute now! Next week: India. But for now, a moment of vinous reminiscence: